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This is the start of our magazine list (the mags I grabbed of the shelf to get a start). If the magazine has a web site, the title will be a link to their site. Most of these magazines are not big corporate owned flashy mags and may be hard to find at a news stand or even large book store, but they're well worth the cost of subscription! The list is in no particular order by the way...

A great magazine for self sufficiency, gardening, farming, recipes, alternative energy, homesteading, health and just about anything else necessary for living.
Another good magazine for all 'round living. Recipes, gardening, herbs, alternative energy, etc. A bit more commercial, but well worthwhile.
the Backwoodsman
(Updated to their new website!)
I love this magazine. Not as polished as the big corporate mags (which makes it better in my mind!), but full of new and old articles about backwoods life in every category. This is one of those "must subscribe" magazines!
Another good non-corporate magazine. As it says, it's about living in the wilderness with articles on survival, food, hunting, building, making tools and general happy living away from the cities.
They went 'corporate', but still a great magazine. All about gardening, cooking, building, herbs, stories and general country living.
All about indigenous people's art, music and lifestyles.
"Where ideas and community intersect." A great "alternative" magazine and web site.

We'll be adding to this list soon. If you have any suggestions for either magazines or books, let us know!

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