Black Powder/MuzzleLoading On-Line Guide

After recently searching for some specific items for using with my muzzleloaders, I realized that it was all too difficult to find a listing of good online dealers. So I collected a few here. I've dealt with most of them. Some are for info only. But at least they're all in one place...
If you know of more, let me know!

(No particular order of preference is given. Just the way things came out of our bookmarks...)

Natchez carries a large assortment of goods for both reloading and black powder. View by category to see everything! Good reloading, accessories and some muzzleloading.
Cabela's Online Store

I know, some poeple like Cabelas about as much as Walmart... But they do have a good selection and decent prices. Guns, kits, accessories, etc...

The Gun Works Muzzeloading Emporium

Specializing in muzzeloaders and black powder, they have a great selection, timely shipping and good prices.

Precision Reloading, Inc.

Not really black powder oriented, but they do have some things hard to find elsewhere.

Dixie Gun Works

If you've done black powder, you already know Dixie! They have everything, unfortunately not online...

But go there and order their catalog!

October Country Muzzleloading, Inc.

A great place for black powder accessories.

Purveyor of Fine Products for the Muzzleloading Shooter.
Fine Muzzleloaders, molds & casting and accessories.
Everything For Shotgunners
Nice selection of muzzleloading & black powder stuff.
Black powder and muzzle loading guns, kits, parts, accessories, rendezvous camping gear, and primitive Americana
Another good place for accessories.
Mountain State Muzzleloading Supplies, Inc. Great selection of black powder supplies and accesories. Make sure to go through the alphabet or you'll miss something! And it's worth every letter!

Note: Order by phone only to guarantee what's in stock! After placing my first order of 23 items, I received THREE of them along with a hand scribbled note that the rest were out of stock and to try again in 4 to 6 weeks!

Lee Precision,Inc. Serving You Since 1958

Lee Precision makes great moulds, melters, balances and other essential accessories, and at great prices!

Cains Outdoor

A nice selection of black powder stuff, and the only place I've ever seen that actually sells pure lead ingots!

Circle Fly Wads

Considered the very best wads for black powder use.

Pyrodex, the Muzzleloading Propellant

GOEX, Inc.

The black powder home! If you want honest, real black powder, this stuff is it!


A good black powder replacement.

Blackpowder Hunting magazine.

The Official Publication of The International Blackpowder Hunting Association.

A great magazine as is the organization. Join, read, shoot!

The Black Powder Journal

An electronic magazine for the Black Powder enthusiast.

Only available on line, not at the news stand.

Total Free, No Cost, No Subscription.

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