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Seems like this page has turned into more of an 'announcement' type page to give it a true purpose in life and help keep the main page a bit cleaner... ;-)

We've re-done the Fiasco Fiber Arts Forum. Updated to the latest forum software, fixed some things, added some things,... Now let's see if anyone has an interest in using the forum. There's a huge fiber following in this area. You just have to attend the Hemlock Fiber Festival to realize this. Why these same folks aren't interested in a local forum seems odd to me. Or maybe there is a forum I know nothing about? If so, let me know...

Not much news. We've done some cleaning up and getting rid of a lot of junk making the site cleaner and easier to use, Will we keep this up? Who knows...

We updated the link to BackWoodsMan magazine's website. This is a great magazine and I apologize for not keeping up on their link...

We've got a new story in the works about our Porch Eagle! And it's a real true story too! This is Mama'a first story on the site. It's here, and it's true and it's funny. It's also lucky that no-one else was there at the time ;-)

And we have to apologize for not keep the site updated as much as we would like. Things have been pretty hectic around here and on top of that, I "upgraded" to Adobe GoLive 5.0 for the site maintenance. It's a slow, buggy, big hog of a poorly designed piece of software that was totally unusable until my new monitor and memory arrived to give me 1280X1024 resolution. I can't believe Abode made this junk, or that I paid for it.... But at least things are workable now, except for the crashes... But I do have to run windows to be able to run Golive, so crashes are expected...

We just added some Winter Scenes to the Photo's page. Although it's a busy time for some things, out in the back it's pretty quiet, unless we're plowing snow ;-)

Previous stuff:

We just added a new stories to the Photos & Stories page about our 30 foot long woodchuck and our Sunflower field... Yep, this is a true story!

We're right in the middle of planting our gardens and doing the farm work. Getting this done between moon phases and rain drops is a trick in itself. Not to mention keeping the old Ferguson tractor going, learning the personality of the new (1954) Ford plow and hoping we don't lose any more bolts or disks on the harrow. But it is comforting to know that our field is still producing a fine crop of rocks!... And for some odd reason, we started rebuilding the front porch on our house at the same time... So we're a little short of time. But we're still discussing new things for the web site, including pictures and stories. And as always, if anyone has any suggestions or questions, we'd sure like to hear them!

By the way, does anyone know what you do when you pop a big rock (about one and a half foot across) out of the field. Then find out the rock is pretty much round. Then discover that big round rocks tend to roll down hill like a mean bowling ball on a mission of destruction. Then realize that your house is at the bottom of the hill??? Well I'll tell ya... The best thing to do is to set right down, smile, and thank the Creator that you just tried out that big new plow that makes big deep furrows that tend to stop big round rolling rocks before they make a new door in your house!!! ;-)

If you'd like to see something here or have any suggestions for us, please send them along! We have an information return form that helps make things a bit automatic, or you can use e-mail to Mama or Papa.

On this web site, we will be expanding to include our own recipes, stories of the Fiasco Family, other stories, pictures, and all round fun...

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