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Neat Places to Visit

The Mohawk Valley Project: Kanatsiohareke
near Fonda, NY
Or our own
Kanatsiohareke section.
Our best friends and advisors. They have a great bed & breakfast! Working farm, gift shop, festivals and much more. This is a place to restore the spirit! See their new web site or our own Kanatsiohareke section.


I will no longer have a link to or support this place! In my opinion, Ganondagan is a wasteland filled with sheep, controlled by a few lying, thieving, self-centered, egocentric a-holes who care less who they hurt or how they achieve their self-centered goals. My sympathies go out to the many wonderful volunteers who support the site. It is truly unfortunate that the volunteers either have no idea what the few controlling a-holes do with the money and how they attain it, or they simply don't care...

South Bristol Views

Photography of South Bristol, NY. Scenic views, old barns, history, local events, message boards and mailing lists, etc.

The GreenPeace TrueFood Network

Learn the facts behind the big corporation control of our food supplies and the genetic engineering they're doing, and NOT letting us know about! To see the list of genetically engineered foods (in the US) and 'safe' foods, see this page of the GreenPeace True Food Shopping List.

Rain Forest Action Netwrk Home Page The Rain Forest Action Network. The US may not own the rain forests, but many US companies act like they do and are destroying them and the people that do live there! You can help! And you thought Al Gore was an environmentalist? Hah!


Possum Lodge & Red Green Red Green
       (Our favorite vacation spot)

and DilaSoft V3 windows software for the automated control, unlimted data collection and analysis of dilatometer and high temperature viscometer instruments.

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