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This is the start of our book list. It is not comprehensive (yet) and not categorized. But I had to get it started... So some of our favorites are listed, with more to follow. Then we'll put them into categories...
The list is in no particular order by the way...

New Complete Book Of BREADS
Bernard Clayton
If you've visited this site more than once, you know how I feel about Bread! And I have many books on the subject. This should be in the kitchen of anyone interested in Bread. Over 700 pages full of information about technique, equipment and recipes. If you even ever thought of making Bread, buy this book!
Encyclopedia of Country Living
Carla Emery
Maybe my favorite reference book. I spend hours reading this 900 page monster that has information on just abut everything from country living to farming, animals and recipes. This one is a 'must have'!
Wildwood Wisdom
Ellsworth Jaeger
A great book full of information about wilderness living. How to make clothes, shelters, collect plants, cooking over a fire. A bit dated (1945) but the information is invaluable and just plain good reading.
Prescription for Nutritional Healing
James Balch & Phylis Balch
I use this book a lot! A great reference on natural healing with herbs & vitamins. One of my favorites in this category.
Building Small Sheds & Shelters
The name describes it all. A great book if you're going to build a shed to a barn.
Back to Basics
Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest? I wondered also. But this book has a wealth of information, in digest form. And if you want more, every chapter has a full list of the books you'll want to read. A good reference...
The New Organic Grower
Eliot Coleman
A great gardening/farming reference. It covers all aspects of organic farming from tools, pests, rotations, soil right to selling crops. I've found the pest section invaluable, not to mention the incompatible plants...
Sleeping With A Sunflower
Okay, I'm not overly fond of the organization, by months & days. But the information is fantastic. A mix of stories & lore and gardening to foraging. A great book.
The Woodwright's Shop
Roy Underhill
If you like to work with wood, the old fashioned way, read Roy's books! Companions to his 17 year running PBS woodworking show, these books are an incredible source of information, projects, history and stories. Others in the series are, Companion, Workbook, Eclectic Workshop and Apprentice. If you can't find these invaluable books, click on the name at left and visit their web site.
Justin Wilson's Cajun Humor
Justin Wilson & Howard Jacobs
If you know Justin from his popular PBS cooking shows, this is for you! Stories and jokes galore. What do you do when it's raining and you can't plow or work on that project? Read this book! Get Justin's recipe books too!

If you could see our library, you would realize how much more will follow, and how hard it is to come up with the time we need to sort through things and make lists. But much more will follow. If you have any suggestions for either magazines or books, let us know!

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