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Papa's New Plow

I have made mention of my old Ferguson tractor and the 'new' plow we just got for him, so I thought just maybe some one would be interested? Maybe not? But just in case, here's some photos...

Copyright ©2001 Fiasco Farms - Mama helpin with the plow.
This is Mama directing the process of getting the new plow out of the pickup after we brought it home. The only way we could figure on getting it out, and where we could hook up to it was right there in the middle of a plowed field. I drove the poor old pickup right up in the middle of the field so I could get the tractor pulled up behind it. After a lot of pulling, prying and tugging, we finally managed to get the plow out far enough to pick it up with the front bucket. Came close to pickin the rear tractor tires right off the ground too! Luckily, it worked just fine and even wound up in a perfect position to turn the tractor around to hook things up for a test drive...

Copyright ©2001 Fiasco Farms - Papa Fiasco's Ferguson tractor.

And here's the test drive. Yep, that's me tryin out the new plow. It's easier to see where I'm going with the bucket raised up like that. The plow is a bit high because I think this is where I found the rock that broke the old plow... Mama would catch a moment like that on film.... Luckily, this new plow can handle little inconveniences like large rocks buried under the soil...

In case you're wonderin... That's a 1953 (or so) Ferguson TO30 tractor. It's had a long hard life but it still runs and works hard in both dirt and snow. He's called "Burt", and don't bother askin why ;-) The 'new' plow is a 1954 (or so) Ford two bottom. I'll have to get a picture up here of the old plow, also a two bottom. This new one makes the old one look like a toy. Then again, a horse would have a hard time pullin this new plow!

More to follow soon!

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