The Mohawk Valley Project

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Our Kanatsiohareke info is very outdated. Please see their site for current info.

Kanatsiohareke is a community dedicated to the Mohawk culture, language and ceremonies.
The community runs a working farm, a wonderful Bed & Breakfast and a fantastic craft store. They also host incredible festivals that feature Native American crafters, dancers, music, socials, food and fun. Many other special events go on during the year. Some are closed to the public, but many are open to everyone. The Bed & Breakfast is open all year to everyone, but is booked up fast for special events.

The Mohawk Valley Project is a nonprofit organization that does accept donations. These tax deductible donations go towards keeping the community functioning and the school that is the final dream of the Project. This school is a "Carlisle School in Reverse"! To teach the Mohawk the traditions, language and ceremonies that were stolen from them for so many generations. Tax deductible donations can be sent directly to the Kanatsiohareke community. Please make out checks or money orders to "Kanatsiohareke". Of course you can visit the community at any time and offer your donations in person.

You can contact Kanatsiohareke by phone at: 518-673-5356, by e-mail to: kanatsio@excelonline.com and get more details about their history and mission. Additional information can be found by visiting their old web site at http://www.mohawkcommunity.com .

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We could never say enough about the people of Kanatsiohareke. They have given us so much and asked for nothing in return. They have helped more people than could ever be counted and continue to help more people every day.

To help Kanatsiohareke in some small way, we offer this part of our web site to help bring their community and events to the public.

By the way, for those who don't speak Mohawk,
Kanatsiohareke is pronounced "Ga-nah-jo-ha-lay-gay".

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